IWINGBOTICS offers a professional, flexible and precision-driven solution that simplifies surveying and mapping processes, and provides professionals with examined aerial data, while saving time and reducing costs and manpower. Our medium format metric cameras allows you to effortlessly execute mapping missions, capture high-resolution images and create 2D and 3D maps. It provides invaluable aerial data to industries like 3D Cities, land and resource management, agriculture, mining, forestry and environmental monitoring & research, and more.

(A)RGB FOR ALL SYSTEMS As standard on all our drone systems, these provide 12MP still imagery and 4K video. They provide sharp images and smooth video perfect for a quick overview of a field with RGB maps at high resolution.

(B)FLIR THERMAL Mounted on the drone to measure IR radiation, this camera can give accurate temperature readings from the air. Applications include irrigation monitoring, animal counting, survey and solar panel inspections.

(C)3D MULTISPECTRAL A true high resolution 4 band multispectral camera that captures each band of light individually. A sunlight sensor also records incoming light giving properly calibrated images that are scientifically accurate. This allows for proper variable rate exports and to make comparisons of data sets over time. The system also incorporates a CPU that processes imagery on-board at a low 20% overlap. What this means is that larger areas can be covered faster and data can be processed almost immediately in the field, without the need for an internet connection.

1. Photogrammetric Mapping .
2. Digital Elevation Model (DEM).
3. Panoramic Mapping.
4. GIS Data.
5. Environmental Mapping.
6. Custom Mapping.
7. Volumetric Studies.