Precision Agriculture is a cultivating administration idea in light of watching, estimating and reacting to inter and intra-field fluctuation in crops. The objective of precision farming is to characterize a decision Support System (DSS) for entire farm administration with the objective of upgrading returns on inputs while safeguarding assets. The exercise precision farming has been empowered by the appearance of GPS and GNSS. The farmers as well as analysts capacity to find their exact position in a field takes into consideration the production of maps of the spatial fluctuation of the greatest number of factors as can be estimated (like crop yield, organic matter content, moisture presence, topographic features, nitrogen levels, etc.) . Precision Agriculture can also be carried out by UAVs apart from satellite or aircraft images. These UAVs can be furnished with hyperspectral or RGB cameras to catch numerous pictures of a field that can be prepared utilizing photogrammetric techniques to make orthophotos and NDVI maps.